CC Outtake: 1967 Ford F-250 – The Only Curbside Classic I’ve Ever Found in My Neighborhood


Aged daily drivers are few and far between here in Indiana. Our winters are hard on cars. So it’s a real event for a carspotter like me to find one parked curbside. This 1967 Ford F-250 was parked on a street in my subdivision one late-winter day a few years ago. It is the only curbside classic I’ve ever found in my own neighborhood.


My little subdivision of ranch homes was built in the 1950s and 1960s; its glory years are long behind it. Most of my neighbors are of modest, middle-class means, so you’d think you’d find more curbside classics serving as practical daily transportation here. But instead, my neighbors mostly go for used Kias, very used Hondas and FWD GM A-bodies, and trucks from the last 15 years. It’s never surprising to see a truck parked by the curb in my neighborhood. It is, however, surprising to see one from the year I was born.