CC Outtake: Don’t Mess With This Omni

2-28-2013 028 (1280x852)

I saw this 4×4 Omni just this afternoon, and at first thought I was hallucinating. But a quick left turn onto the side street proved my eyes were not deceiving me.

2-28-2013 029 (1280x852)

The Omnirizons are pretty few and far between these days, save for a time-capsule version I spotted at the Geneseo Car Show last fall. This one looked to be pretty rust free before it was Frankensteined.

It seems like half of these were this light blue metallic. There used to be a Jeep with an aftermarket fiberglass body in this driveway, and I suspect it donated its chassis for this new concoction. Kind of reminds me of an AMC Eagle. One thing is for sure: It laughs at winter weather!

2-28-2013 030 (1280x852)