CC Driveway Outtake: Multi Grade Fluid Change

Here’s a shot I took during my spring maintenance. Both the VW and I got a multi grade fluid.

The VW gets the Castrol 20W-50.  Everyone seems to have a strong (and different) opinion on what oil grade to use in air cooled VW’s.  My engine builder insisted that my newly rebuilt 1200 was clattery because I was using straight 30 weight and not 20W-50.  Of course following his suggestion changed it not one bit.  🙁

The Neustadt 10W-30 is for me.  It’s a brown ale, dark and nutty and not hoppy.  Also the can has an MG TC on it, so it combines two of my favourite things, beer and old cars.  The brewery (in the village of Neustadt Ontario) was built in 1869.  Neustadt Springs Brewery has been in operation since 1997, the dawn of the microbrewery boom and although they do not have the marketing panache of more recent startups they do have good beer.

A great combination of fluids for a Saturday morning, but don’t mix them up!