CC Outtake: The Very Narrow Garage

A while back Johannes Dutch posted a video of a guy in Holland who managed to park his 155cm wide Fiat Panda in a 161cm (61 inches) wide garage. Well, there’s no way this Buick is going to fit in this “garage”. And just how wide is it?

Using the 30″ height of the table on the porch as a reference, I came up with right around 60″, or about the same as that Dutch one. Of course this one was almost certainly never intended to be a garage, as even a Model T would have been an impossible fit, unless the fenders were removed. But then this house was built well before then anyway, in the 1880s or so. Which makes one wonder what it was intended for? A narrow buggy? But presumably those folks that kept a horse and buggy also had a little carriage house outbuilding for that.