CC Outtake: SUVs Are For Wimps!


Frequent Cohort contributor whitewall buick recently posted his ’58 namesake online. While I love this car–and especially the color combination–it drives home a little-known fact to our younger readers: just about everyone used to drive a rear-wheel drive car in the snow, well into the 1970s.

He had this to say:

My normal daily driver (76 Coupe DeVille) is in the shop this week so the Buick got to try it’s hand at something it hadn’t done for a few years: snow driving. It did fine.

I imagine he got plenty of double takes by timid people in $50K Essyoovees. Hopefully you’ve gotten all the salt hosed off this beauty by now. The question is, is it a Special or a Century? Thanks for sharing, and if you ever want to do a My CC on this beauty, do let us know!

1958 Buick-17