CC Capsule: 1992 Honda Civic EX Coupe – Is This The Last Of Its Kind Not To Be Molested With A Giant Fart Can?

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Maybe not, but seriously, these Civic Coupes–especially EXs with the 125-hp D16Z6 VTEC engine–have became mighty rare. For that matter, even the ones that were molested in the usual fashion all have pretty much been destroyed at the hands of their molesters, or are very much in the process of being so. Which is why this one caught my eye: a survivor of the great Honda Fartcan-acost.

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I guess I’d forgotten that the EX lost the standard alloy wheels it had a generation or two earlier. The inevitable de-contenting virus, to which Honda was hardly immune.

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Aha! An automatic; that might explain why it’s still unmolested, but only up to a point. I’ve heard plenty of Accords, and Civics, bleating away through their torque converter. Sometimes I wonder if some of the kids with their big-wheeled and fart-canned Hondas actually know how to drive a stick shift. And if some of them may well have been a hand-me down from Mommy or Daddy. A riced four-door Accord is a bit of a giveaway.

CC 188 045 950