CC Outtake: The 1970’s In a Picture.


People relaxing on fold-out chairs in front of a drive-in restaurant, a menu picked up with small plastic letters and the Datsun 280Z. When I close my eyes and imagine what the young average Juan with some money of the mid-70’s was doing, the image doesn’t go too far from this picture.

Of course, I presume that most of that has to do with the 280Z . This was still the lean 1970’s Z. It was just slowly turning into a cruiser instead of the leap it took towards comfort with the 280ZX.  Black-Gold Leisure Suits and Bell-Bottomed polyester pants would have to wait for a bit.


More interesting than the Z however, is the little corner of a car just picking in the left of the picture. CC Clue anyone? Unless it’s a Toyota of some sort, it’s highly unlikely that I will find it or that 280 anytime soon though. Everything but the people in that picture has long since given up the ghost to rust, neglect or in the case of the drive-in, property developers.