Cohort Outtake: The Short And The Long Of It

Screenshot 2015-02-20 15.29.40

Chicago motorists are famous for their aggressive driving habits and this picture, snapped in the city’s Kenmore district by Joseph Dennis, shows two ways of coping with such an environment.  In choosing to become invisible, the owner of the Smart demonstrates an avoidant approach while the driver of the Fleetwood has adopted a more assertive strategy of decrying the cut-throat habitat in which his car operates.  The Caddy driver has the more fun idea.  It’s not as if the Smart, with its bog-slow shifting, has the beans to take advantage of the gaps in traffic (a pity, considering its size); it’s the Fleetwood, with its torque and Hydramatic, which is the more adroit vehicle.  Besides, with so much sound insulation, one can shield themselves from the invective directed at them when cutting off lesser traffic.