CC Global: Bucharest Curbside Classics


Here are the first CCs from Bucharest, Romania. There are quite a few left around, but in recent years the number has declined due to cash for clunkers programs. First up, an interesting kind of hybrid. This is a 1970’s Ford Granada with Fiat 1300 headlights, bumper and part of the grille, and other little touches here and there. This is not uncommon among old cars maintained on a limited budget. The most common reason some people would do these kinds of modifications is that they thought replacing some parts with parts from other cars, for which spares were widely available, would be less expensive in the long run.

That car is obviously in contrast with this Fiat 850. It would look exactly like a freshly unpacked toy… if it weren’t for every single part being worn out already. It has seen some parts added on, like the previous car, but in a less tasteful manner. I’m really curious about that vinyl roof, it’s something I’ve never seen before.

Now for some Mercedes. As far as I know, very few SLs were ever imported new.

However, W114’s were pretty popular back in the day, though I’m not sure about the number of coupes that were bought. This looked a little rough; I think it was brought in for restoration.

While on the topic of coupes, these Opel Commodores were pretty sought after. In those years, they were about as close to an American car as you could get.


Maybe the only comparable thing that could be had back then was the Ford Capri, a car that you can still see once in a while.

Next up, a Biturbo.  I’m not really sure what its status is. It rarely moves; I always find it pretty much in the same spot.

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Not a lot of real restomods over here, but a while back I did come across this pretty nice Beetle. I’m not a fan of these sort of modifications, but I think this one turned out pretty well visually.

I’m going to end with this very nice DS, seen in another city. It had driven all the way from France, a minimum of 2000 kilometers. I could think of few other classic cars that would make such a journey more comfortable and enjoyable.