CC Outtake: What’s This, No Woodgrain?

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season once again, and one lucky cadet was driven to the local Kroger to hawk her wares in this mean machine.  When I saw it in the parking lot, I had to snap some pictures. 


Not only is it rust free, with good paint, it’s one of the few B-body wagons I’ve ever seen without a woodgrain applique, and in fancy Buick trim, no less.  It also has nice alloy wheels which I never see on B-body wagons, with the exception of some well-equipped Electras.  To see them on this rather basic LeSabre is unusual.  Whoever first owned this car may very well have had it special ordered.  I wonder if it has heavy-duty suspension.

With its third stop light and LeSabre model designation, this Buick Estate wagon was built between 1986 and 1989.  For its final year in 1990, it was simply called an Estate wagon.  By this point, all were powered by an Olds 307 V8 with 4-barrel carb.  With its full 140-hp available at only 3200 rpm, this girl scout probably gets scooted along rather quickly, but quite possibly by accident.

The B-body wagons were all over the place up until the mid 1990s when most suddenly disappeared.  This car, I fear, may also disappear soon.  The excellent paint leads me to believe that it was very well taken care of until very recently, and the torn-off bits of trim dangling off of the car probably mean that whoever owns the car now doesn’t appreciate it.

The sight of this filthy interior confirms my suspicion: mom and/or dad is a filthy pig.  They probably don’t know what they have.  I would easily choose this over the Hyundai Santa Fes and Toyota RAV4s that the other scouts’ parents tool around in.

The owners of this particular car should feel even more passionately about their ride, as such a traditional, all-American car seems to perfectly expresses their cultural allegiances.

Gotta love the juxtaposition here.  This was the first car I’ve photographed that prompted passersby to start conversations with me.  I’m always worried that people will suspect that I’m up to no good, but in fact, the two separate people who spoke to me knew exactly what I was up to: taking pictures of a rare car.  Neither of them seemed to be gearheads, which says a lot about this large wagon.  Hopefully its owners begin to understand how cool their car really is and if not, I’ll trade them my Civic.