Snow And Ice Outtakes: Can We Just Be Done With Winter Already?

CC 220 069 950 see how easy Minis are to push in the snow.

Ok; I know some of you put up with snow and ice for eleven months of the year, and never once complain (What drugs are you on anyway?) When we decided to move from the Bay Area, Stephanie had read about this cute little town, Viroqua, Wisconsin, which was becoming a bit of a magnet for escaping urbanites. Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I shot idea that down; she wouldn’t have lasted past December 15th the first winter, given that she’d only ever lived in balmy California. But we can’t seem to escape it here this year either; after a totally freak week-long arctic storm in December (story and pictures), we got hammered again. And this time it turned ugly at the end…Timber!

CC 220 068 950 crop

This Scion TC off-roading (why is it always TCs?) was just during the preliminaries on Thursday.

CC 220 070 950

Friday brought 8+ inches of snow, so I put on the cross country skis and shot a few snow-bound CCs. Gravity is going to give this W114 diesel a head start when it comes time to clatter off.

CC 220 071 950

I’ll let you decide what this tapering tower of snow is hiding.

CC 220 072 950

It probably feels right at home.

CC 220 073 950

The American “brick”.

CC 220 074 950

This is a recent addition to the neighborhood, and you’ll be reading more about it soon. Let’s just say it’s not getting caned by its very youthful driver on this day.

CC 220 075 950

Is that a smile I see? Guess it’s happy to be dry under cover.

CC 220 076 950

Unlike this veteran. Its boxiness is being accentuated significantly.

CC 220 078 950

On Saturday, it got ugly, with ice rain all day on top of the snow. But we (and the dogs) had to get out, and I couldn’t resist a shot of these spiked shoes. On our walk, we saw numerous big limb and branches come down, and hear many more all around. It sounded like a Civil War re-enactment in the neighborhood, with sharp cracks and reports nearby and in the distance. The dogs were not happy, and we stayed clear of walking under any trees.

CC 220 093 950

Here’s one victim. And a convertible no less; a rather uncommon one at that.

CC 220 094 950

That turned out to just be the preview…

CC 220 086 950

Minutes after getting home, I got two simultaneous phone calls, from the tenants in these two rental houses of mine. Timber! I knew that tree was vulnerable, since it had a lean to it, and was an ash with lots of dense twigs to catch more ice.

CC 220 080 950

Fortunately, there was no serious damage or intrusion into the house. The tree is mostly resting on that patio roof I built, although its steel roofing is probably pretty dented, and the gutter is gone. It’s supposed to warm up a bit on Monday, so I’ll be firing up the trusty old Stihl. Anybody need some firewood?