CC Outtakes: Vannin’

The Multipla has me thinking vans today. It’s getting very hard to find the classic late seventies’ style vans with the colorful factory or original “art work” of that vintage. And of course, nothing can top the over-the-top Sandman and friends we met from Australia the other day. But I live in hope; meanwhile these are relegated to the Outtake pile until I find something like this. Actually, this Starcraft is more eighties, but I do have a couple of genuine seventies vans to share:

In the meantime, I’m relegated to also-ran van status. This Dodge parked at Eugene’s Time Warp Motel has a nice wood-grain stripe and porthole.

And her’s a nice crescent-shaped window in that preferred spot by the back bad. Don’t want too much light to come in; just enough to see what we’re doing. BTW, like so many cars and vans, the almost immortal Chevy van of this generation started out with by far the best grille. I really pity the poor designers that were forced to keep coming up with “new” variations every couple of years.

Oops; almost forgot I had this Dodge too. Decent, but not quite ready for the big times.