CC Streetscape: Lead, South Dakota 1976

01 Lead MT

Downtown Lead, South Dakota, 1976


This isn’t exactly an orgasmic CC photo, but it was taken in 1976 while the lusty Suzy and I were on our mega Elopement Tour in my (but by then, our) 1972 Fiat 128.

Not a whole lot of curbside hotties here, but the yellow bike appears to be a Schwinn Continental. I bought one of those new while I was designing bikes for John Deere. Heavy, but lovable. I’m sorry to have sold the thing to buy my Albert Eisentraut. If you are into bikes, you will know what an Eisentraut is all about. I still have Albert.

My wife and I beat the shit out of Tony on the long haul. Would a Toyota have been a better choice? Maybe, but so what?

To this day I have never owned/driven a car that I loved more than my 128.