Cohort Sighting: 1969 Lincoln Continental – The End Of That Road

Lincoln 1969 fq

Constantine Hannaher has posted some very nice shots of this clean 1969 Continental sedan, the last year of the series that began with the brilliant 1961 (full story here). The ’69 is distinctive for its new front end styling, which broke with the traditional Lincoln horizontal grille for one that is opened up in the center section. It’s an odd choice, since the horizontal grille reappears the next year in the all-new 1970 (CC here). This ’69 grille does look rather ’67-’68 Caddillac-like, and Lincoln was doing all it could to make inroads on Caddy’s huge sales lead.

Lincoln 1969 rq

Lincoln sales did edge up in the final years of the suicide-door, helped by the coupe version and price adjustments that essentially eliminated the premium the Continental once commanded. Some 38k Continental sedans and coupes were sold in ’68 and ’69, and ironically, sales dropped painfully lower with the new 1970 replacement. It wouldn’t be until ’74-’75 that the big Lincoln really got its mojo going.

Lincoln 1969 s