CC Video: A Ride Down Broadway In New York City, 2018 – A Sea of Camrys

I’ve enjoyed a number of ride-along vintage Youtube videos of New York city. But then I stumbled into this one from 2018. Hmm. Is it worth a ride? I decided yes, to see what’s rolling down Manhattan’s streets these days, having seen the Checker, Dodge, Chevy and Ford eras. Well, the Ford CV era is truly gone, and we are now fully in the Toyota era.

It’s been a few years since I was last there, and that was just before Uber and Lyft. The yellow cabs were a mixture then; plenty of Cvs along with some Toyota Siennas, Ford Escape hybrids and a smattering of others. But now it seems to have settled into a Camry groove, along with some Prius Vs.

In case you’re not familiar with Manhattan traffic, there’s really not a lot of private cars on the streets; it’s mostly yellows and blacks, the latter being Ubers and Lyfts, which seem to be a lot of Camrys too except for the more expensive level of service where black SUVs dominate.

Evolution: the survival of the fittest.