Vintage Photo Gallery: Los Angeles In The 50s And 60s

LA Sunset

(first posted 12/4/2013)    When CC reader Robert.Walter sent me the link to this collection at titled “Los Angeles 1989 through the 1960’s”, I had to share a select few, and give you a link to the rest of them. This one is from Hollywood Boulevard, and the juxtaposition of the Caddy and the Imperial ad is rather nice.

LA hollywood and Vine

While we’re in Hollywood, how about a look at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine, circa 1951 or so?

LA Market Basket

No less than two bullet-Birds are shopping at Market Basket. I remember these signs from my days there in the late seventies-early eighties.

LA May

And the May Company looks familiar too. Love those girls’ new matching outfits…Dad’s grumbling about how expensive they were.

LA 101

Even at 3 AM, the 101 isn’t this uncrowded nowadays.

LA Hwood Bowl

That’s not to say there weren’t traffic jams then. Here’s folks trying to get to the Hollywood bowl. Who was performing?

LA Manhattan Beach

Time to head for Manhattan Beach.

LA Capitol records

This is the youngest shot, from 1968. As kids, we used to always chuckle when we saw one of the S.E. Rykoff trucks with its slogan “Enjoy Life! Eat Out More Often!” after my older brother explained to me the lewd interpretation of that expression.

LA drive in

This classic shot has certainly made the rounds. But what a perfect one it is. Los Angelinos having their version of a religious experience.

Check out the rest here: