CC Vintage Video: Flipping Out on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, 1970 – An Expensive Sunday Outing

67Conti posted the link to this hair-raising compilation of folks flipping their cars on open days at the Nurburgring. Seat belts? Nein, mostly. Helmets? Nein. But drivers entering this tricky curve at Adenauer Forst too fast create a cavalcade of flips, pirouettes, gyrations and other assorted ways of crashing their little cars.

Note how many of them are either rear engine cars with swing axles, or BMWs with their semi-trailing rear axles that were also notorious for oversteer at the limit. Opel Kadetts were of course also notorious flippers, as Bob Lutz proved. Also note how all the Porsche 911 kept from flipping, no matter what their drivers dished out at them.

As a contrast, here’s some crash scenes from 2017. The difference in the speed, control and safety are vast, but there’s still plenty of bad driving.

That never seems to go out of fashion.