COAL: Winter Storm Nemo And The Automotive Circle Of Life

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Why name a winter storm? Practically all of America asked this question when The Weather Channel announced their plans to do so shortly before winter 2012. As boneheaded as this decision was (a future storm will be named after a Star Trek villian), I can understand where their marketing department is coming from. After all, every vehicle featured on this site had people sitting around an office contemplating the right way to sell their particular CC during its development cycle. So what does it all come down to then? How it was remembered. 

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Now to be fair, this storm was memorable, but not for the reasons any weather-reporting entity would have you believe. This is upstate New York after all, and we’re used to snow. But this was the first time that one of us had to be at work the next day, which forced us to consider the positioning of all four of our cars. Did I say four cars? Yes, I did. There was an addition to the Snitkoff fleet just days before Nemo arrived. So what was it? Let’s take a look behind doors number one and two.

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Door #1: Dad’s spot, and the location of a previously mentioned CC. If you look at the picture quickly you could almost mistake it for a Corolla.

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Door #2: My spot. But what’s this? Why, a 2013 Ford Focus. For the first time since…forever, a brand-new car occupies a spot in the garage. It couldn’t be helped – with the incentives from Ford and my substantial employee discount, saying no would have been foolish. So am I a two-car owner now?

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That’s a negative. My decision to buy a new car was based on my predictions for the old one. Sure, the CC was in great shape, but any 15-year-old car will need parts replaced at a steady clip, and that can add up quite a bit. So I sold the car that had been part of my life for nine years. And it happened quickly, too; within six days, the Sable was in another driveway. It went to a father purchasing a car for his teenage son, the exact scenario that took place in 2004 when my Taurus wagon was on life support. That car stuck with me throughout high school, undergrad, graduate school, and into my first journey into adulthood at my current place of employment. Hopefully, its new owner also will create some fond memories with it, but even if not, I’ll always have pictures and stories to reflect on as the years go by. And of course, my future CC will be there as well.