Cohort Outtake: Introducing Fast And Furious Barbie


Commenters in the cohort suggest this R31 Skyline must’ve been a Mary Kay car, but they’re incorrect in saying so.  Cars driven by representatives of that cosmetics firm are painted a more pale color; less Pepto-y, so to speak.  I am quite familiar with that shade of pink because a college classmate drove, of all things, a former Mary Kay Galant VR4.  It was a car she didn’t understand and which is probably long gone, but despite being the butt of jokes, I found it to be a delightful contrast to all the Jettas and Outbacks which populated our liberal arts college campus.  So while this particular Nissan’s paint job over such sober, rectilinear bodywork should be a source of disgust, the garish color similarly imparts a sense of humor to an otherwise serious machine.  Thanks to Glen.H for the picture of this wonderfully ridiculous cop magnet.