CC Outtake: Opposites Attract, Despite The Similarities. Or Because Of Them

CC 234 003 1200

When I saw these two wagons side-by-side, I was struck initially by the obvious contrast between them. But then I noticed the similarity of their rear-most side windows, in their general shape and downward slope of their upper edge. And then I started noticing a few others.

Like the nine-spoke wheels/wheel covers. The flush door handles. The…the…RWD! Well, maybe you can come up with more.

CC 70 109 800

But the really salient question is why old Datsun 710 wagons seem to have an affinity to hanging out with powerful versions of these Dodges?

The full write-up on this same turquoise wagon is here: CC 1974 Datsun 710 Wagon