Cohort Pic(k) of the Day #1: Lancia Fulvia Sport

My main desktop PC is going through a very protracted and long dreaded update to Windows 10, from my dearly beloved W7. In fact, it’s stuck at “Working on udpated 30%” for hours now. Dare I turn off the computer? No, I’ll hope it’s fixed by the morning, I’m an optimist.

So Sunday’s posts will be highly abbreviated, and mostly in the form of eye candy, like this divine Lancia Fulvia Sport, shot by J.C. Isn’t it delicious?

The closest we’ve done to a proper CC on the Fulvia is here, but it did not include the Sport, which as is rather obvious, is really a Zagato, designed and built by them for Lancia. As such, it’s the lightest and most desirable of the family, never mind the most expensive by far, as alloy-bodied cars have gone…GameStop.