Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1971 Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette – Lemon Twist Van

It’s always fun to come across a Corey Behrens find at the Cohort. In this case a colorful et jolie 2cv van. How do you say ‘lemon twist’ in French?

French cars are awfully rare in my surroundings, so I won’t even pretend to know what year or variant this is. At the Cohort, it is labeled as a 1971 AK3ST 400 model and I’ll take their word for it. I guess such info is publicly available in the Netherlands with a license plate search?

Curious mix of stickers in the back. I’m not hip enough to know what most of these mean, but a 2cv can certainly be a hipster-mobile with ease.