Vintage Snapshots: 1958 Edsel Dealers

The nice thing of the internet is how new material keeps popping up on subjects we’ve already covered and explored. The accumulated knowledge of the collective automotive hive; and we’re here for it all. In this occasion let’s look once more into that brief period of time, where hopeful dealers jumped to be part of Ford’s Edsel folly. We’ll start with the image above: Simeon Edsel Co. in Columbus Ohio.

There’s a devoted CC to Ford’s Edsel dealers episode, warts and all. A fine read I recommend all to revisit. In the above image, LA couldn’t stay away from the Edsel-seduction, of course. And what a fine Art Deco building it is. Very fitting for a Lincoln/Mercury/Continental/Edsel dealer. Did I leave out anyone?

I regret to inform you the building seems to be no longer, with a Toyota dealer in its place.

An Edsel dealership, 13 March 1958. Dewey G. Mears photo at the Texas History Project


This is the image that inspired this post. The clean, and austere beauty of this Edsel dealer in Houston is something to behold. It’s peak ’50s modernity.

Staying in Houston, a 4 door Citation is proudly displayed in this postcard from the same period. Thoughts of the Edsel itself aside, I always found the brand’s stylized ‘E’ logo a rather sharp design.

This image appeared on our previous Edsel dealers post; it’s Modern Edsel, in San Fernado Valley. I’m including it solely for the purpose of closing with the following promo shot, taken in the same dealer, showing a happy bunch of prospective Edsel buyers:

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