Cohort Pic(k) Of The Day: 1965 Buick Riviera – Unrestored Rough Gem

As time passes it’s getting harder and harder to find those vehicles we care about in their natural habitat; in the street and unrestored. And in the case of the Riviera, it’s rare to find one like this posted by canadiancatgreen at the Cohort; looking worn, far from pristine, but still quite together. Yes, there’s some good rust in there, but I have a feeling sooner or later someone will revive this Riviera for good.

Far easier to find are those ’90s cars no one seems to care about, like the Sable in front of the Riviera. Rust probably won’t be its demise, but rather some expensive malfunctioning electronic doodad and it will be off to the junker. Not much love for these I presume, and survival ultimately will depend on that; love. Will it be that in 15 years or so from now, there will be more surviving Rivieras than Sables in the world?