Trailside Outtake: Jeep Cherokee, Open Door Edition – Safety Inspections? What’s That?

All this talk about annual safety inspections reminded me of this Cherokee I shot at our regular evening hike trailhead near Eugene. OK, it’s not nearly as stripped down as the ultra bare-bones (no brakes) Toyota pickup I once shot, but that one was truly exceptional, and an extreme example of what can be found on the road here due to the lack of inspections in Oregon. Compared to that, this Cherokee is practically a NHTSA safety demonstration car from the 1970s, although some restraint to discourage unexpected and in intended rapid evacuation from the passenger compartment might be useful. Maybe at least a bit of rope across the door?

Nah; that’s for sissies.

Why would anyone want to spoil the full effects of motoring by a door, never mind a window?

Just imagine how easy entry and exits are without doors.

The LED lightbar on the hood might be a bit of a nuisance to drivers coming the other way, but then it might be best to just get off the roadway when this thing approaches.

Now that’s a handy way to store the recovery strap; no need to dig it out and hook it up.


The missing front turn signal-side marker light is no problem; hand signals are going to be very easy and highly visible.


CC: Toyota Lo-Lux Pickup, The Minimalist Edition