Cohort Pic(k) of the Day Ten Years Ago: 1972 Mercury Montego – Do I See Bunkie’s Handiwork Here?

My time travels back to 2011 at the Cohort also stopped for this ’72 Montego shot by dave_7, who is of course CC’s Dave Saunders. This is a terrific find, and gives us a chance to soak up some serious 1972 vibes. I’m also getting a lot of Pontiac vibes; did Bunkie Knudsen influence these ’72 intermediates, before he was fired in September of 1969? That would be two years before they appeared; seems like a fair guess, at least to one extent or another.

As to its rear, everything coming out from Ford and Chrysler in terms of sporty coupes were of course influenced by both the 1966 Toronado as well as the ’68 A-Body coupes, especially so the LeMans/GTO.