Cohort Pic(k) of the Day/Update/Sob Story of the Decade: The Abandoned Toyota Crown (S60) Coupe

William Oliver has scored. Finding an ultra-rare Toyota Crown (S60) hardtop coupe is by far the find of 2021 so far, maybe even the decade. The S60 Crown was a rare beast from day one, as it sold poorly and was abandoned in North America after two years (1971-1972).

But this Crown coupe isn’t making its first appearance here at CC. In the comments to Don Andreina’s superb styling analysis of this unusual car in 2014, there was a comment left by Carter, who had just bought this very same car for $500. And he said “It will need a ton of work” (including those rusted rockers). Well, this is the same car, sitting here by some railroad tracks in Ontario, seven years later. Will it ever get that “ton of work”?

Here’s how it looked in 2014. Carter also left a link to several more shots of it here. It was advertised as “Ran when parked”, and presumably Carter never got it running.

And so here it sits, waiting patiently to see what its fate will be. It’s going to take a serious Toyota lover to put what it’s going to take to make this car right again.

Toyota took an uncharacteristic stylistic risk with this Crown, and it backfired. The generations before and after it were all very conservative, but then the period at the end of the sixties was an exuberant one, and even Toyota fell for its spell. But the front end treatment just didn’t work, at least in the eyes of prospective buyers, who looked elsewhere.

The lower/main grille is quite par for the times, but the upper element, necessary to clear the tall inline six, is what didn’t work for most.

Here’s a shot of that engine from Carter’s gallery. The 2.6L SOHC six made 122 (gross) hp.

Here’s a shot of “The Blue Whale’s” logo, from the center of the grille. How’s that for a period piece? I’d love to find one of those in a junkyard. That is pretty amazing.

I found this graphic showing the evolution of the Crown logo, but the 1971 doesn’t quite match up. Hmm.