Cohort Sighting: Ford Fiesta S – A Better Idea For Sale


It’s been a fruitful week over at the cohort, and here is one of the many recent finds we’ve been blessed with.  It would appear that at some point, an owner of this Fiesta realized the latent historical value of this rarest of small Fords, because unless it’s benefited from a restoration, even the mild Vancouver weather wouldn’t naturally preserve a car this well.  And luckily for us, this flawless looking example is in rare S trim.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 10.42.54

Shot by AGuyInVancouver, who recently posted a very solid Mercury Monarch, this European import marks the second of his recent Ford Better Idea-era findings.  Unlike the Mercury, however, this one is not only in truly stunning (as opposed to merely clean) shape, but was also a genuinely better idea when new.  It is also for sale, as it looks to have been once before back in December.  How many Canuckistani Pesos would you pay for this uncommon Ford?

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