Cohort Sighting: May Day Mayhem


In his infinite generosity, cohort member Eric Clem has given us this lovely May Day gift, straight from beautiful Washington state.  In the unlikely case you couldn’t tell, this… thing began life as an early eighties Citation, so perhaps it’s destiny that it be made to emulate the cars of the Mad Max series.


Of all the baubles added to this art car, the riveted tail fins are the most impressive.  The taillights appear to be from a Corvair, and there’s a nice guard to ensure that they can be used on another project car in the future.  Note the ergonomic consideration provided by the spotlight next to the fake gun (which, if fully legal, may not be wise to display so prominently).


The most functional modification has to be the addition of shopping cart wheels to the front bumper.  Not only should they prevent scrapes on the front corners, but they can probably roll nice, even creases into other cars’ sides in parking lots.  And of course, there’s the swept back windshield which was somehow accomplished without cracking the glass. That might suggest this X-body began life as a custom convertible, though I couldn’t find any pictures of such a creature.

Screenshot 2014-04-30 22.28.18

did find a number of structurally similar A-body ragtops, however, and if properly reinforced and backed by GM, they might’ve even been popular for a few years.  This Citation, lacking the all-American charm of those professional conversions, is obviously failing to hold my attention, but I know a number of you might prefer its Australian brand of dystopian chic.