California Streetscape – Part 1

1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Reaction to classic hot rodder Bill Hines’ take on the Cadillac Seville was rather mixed. So this time, I’ll present some more stock condition and straightforward finds from my brief trip to the California sunshine. Lacking any transportation beyond my own two feet, all these cars were within walking distance of my hotel.

1966 Plymouth Barracuda rear

This yellow 1966 Plymouth Barracuda caught me off guard, cruising next to Disney Land.

BMW 733

Further down the street, we come to a BMW 733. It would have one of the ultimate aspirational machines to a typical Eighties yuppie. In most other places, I would be concerned that those chrome wheel arches were added to conceal bubbling rust but there isn’t much, if any, on display in this particular part of California. In fact, no one even seemed to have any dirt on their vehicles. A stark contrast to our Canadian cars, almost permanently covered in road grime for most of the winter and into spring.

BMW 733 rear

This E23 would have come exclusively equipped with a straight six engine.


There is no shortage of Honda fans and their cars but this household must be especially enthusiastic. A pair of Honda Civics complement a pair of Acura Integras. This collection may lack variety in color, but makes up for it with a full array of body styles.


Volkswagen Beetle

No walking tour of California car culture could be complete without at least one classic Volkswagen Beetle. This example is a mild custom in a rather nice shade of green with color keyed EMPI eight spoke wheels.

Volkswagen Beetle rear

It shares street parking with an also air-cooled Type 2 van on Porsche rims.

Ford Econoline

This Ford Econoline camper van is similarly paired with a step side box Ford pickup. Nice to see it retaining its classic blue license plate.

Datsun 280Z

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see more early Japanese cars but this Datsun 280Z still counts, even if it is wearing an after-market body kit and faded paint.

Chevrolet Corvair 1 rear

I saw the distinctive rear tail lights of this Chevrolet Corvair from a fair distance away but had to check it out. Obviously a work in progress, but it still looked drivable.

Chevrolet Corvair 2

The second generation Corvair coupe has to be one of the all time great American designs. It is a shame about the modern Corolla behind as this scene could have had a Seventies period look to it without it.

Chrysler New Port a

This driveway dwelling 1966 Chrysler Newport is perhaps the next project after the Corvair is finished.

Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Now here is something you don’t see too often. This sharp looking Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup truck featured both colorful period graphics and a turbo diesel engine.

Chevrolet El Camino

We’ll end with this driveway shot which features two stereotypical California cars; a modern import and a classic American. Don’t worry, as there will be plenty more California curbside classics for part two.