Craigslist Find: 1986 Dodge Omni GLH – A Bargain At $1000


(A thank you to Teddy, who sent this to us)  This is the perfect compliment to Saturday’s St. Regis (which is still for sale, bee tee dubs) and likely won’t be up for sale for very long.  Either the seller is uncommonly generous or everyone else is just getting greedy with their ’80s classics, but for $1000, I’m inclined to believe the former.


It could be that people expect a proper GLH to have a snail strapped to the exhaust manifold, but this wouldn’t be a bad price for even a garden variety Omni 2.2 in this condition.  Yes, there are some faded panels, and the mileage is unlisted, but there’s no rust and if this car spent its life in Missoula, Montana (where it’s been listed), it lived largely free of exposure to extreme heat and traffic.  For a grand, one can overlook the flaws.


That the seat covers have been left in place for the photo either means the seller is somewhat lazy or that the upholstery’s been torn up.  There’s reason to hope this is not the case, since the rest of the interior is in very nice shape.


Here is what the rear seats look like, with some obvious sun damage to match the oxidized paint on the roof and the hatch.  I’ll take sun damaged original paint over a mystery refinish.  As an aside, look at how much space is back there with the front seat pulled pretty well back; these were roomy cars.


Just to make clear, having no turbo doesn’t make this a slow car.  With 110 horsepower out of 2.2 liters (a respectable output for the day) motivating a rather light box, it would feel sprightly today–if not fast–with enough torque to corrupt the steering.  Those fifteen inch wheels are quite big too, considering the car’s size and weight, so there is reasonable grip to make the most of the stiffened suspension.


This car fits right into Mopar’s tradition of hot small cars, from the souped-up A-bodies which came before it to the hyper Neon ACRs which came after.  In upholding that legacy, it’s a classic even without a turbo.  Given that we get so many hits every day and with this being so attractively priced, there’s reason to hope that one of our readers will take the plunge and buy this silver hatch.