CL Find: 1979 Dodge St. Regis – $1700, OBO, Or Trade For Another 70s Car

Dodge 1979 St Regis fq

(Jeff Hwang thought this might be of interest to you all. I’ll let the ad copy speak for itself.)    This is a 1979 Dodge St. Regis. One of the more rare Chrysler cars to this day, as they were mostly used for cop cars back in the early 80s and most all of them were crushed.

Dodge 1979 St Regis fornt end
Has the trusty Chrysler 318 V8. Bought from the original owner, an old veteran, who purchased it right out of the showroom in the local Chrysler/AMC dealership. All repairs are documented. It was maintained meticulously throughout the years, and everything from changing the oil to simply replacing a spark plug has been professionally done and documented by the local Midas. (includes original 1979 License plate that came with the car when I purchased it)

Dodge 1979 St Regis rqq

The rear tires are 80% Winter tires. Driven one winter since new. There are some quirks like any car of this age.

Dodge 1979 St Regis door

The leather interior door handles need to be re-attached.

Dodge 1979 St Regis radio

The idle needs to be re-adjusted (I’ll do that myself more than likely, before it’s purchased) and the suspension bar that holds up the rear trunk needs to be replaced. I’d do it myself, it’s simple.

Dodge 1979 St Regis odo

There is a small piece of trim missing near the driver’s door, unnoticed until close to car.

Dodge 1979 St Regis inst

The last thing, the original owner disconnected the headlight flip-covers, and I’m unsure how to re-connect them. Nor have I tried. I’m sure it’s simpler than I think.

Dodge 1979 St Regis wheel

The rims are all Chrysler snowflake rims, but the back two are from a 79 Lebaron and the front ones are for this car specifically. (very similar, nonetheless.)

Dodge 1979 St Regis int

Has Power driver’s seat (a little of the leather separated from the seam as shown), All power windows (back right is stuck shut) all leather seats, Cruise control (works perfectly) Power steering and Brakes, stock radio – turns on but only tunes into one station. Original owner’s manual and all 1979 Chrysler emissions documentation, and repair slips. Rear defrost. (never used personally, I only drove in summer).

Dodge 1979 St Regis owner

The last photo is of the featured car (and me before I drove it to prom, sorry about that)

—-WILL TRADE FOR—- preferably 70s sedan, compact, truck, anything 70s.
May consider other trades of equal value as well. Something that drives everyday.