Curbside Classic Creative Composition Contest

1948 New Yorker

I have been a reader and occasional  commenter on Curbside Classic since it began.  In addition to the fascinating subject matter the excellent writing here makes this one of my favorite sites. I have recently been enjoying the First Line Literary Journal and thought it might be fun to try something similar here.

In that journal every story starts with the same first line. The story can be anything. It can be about the car shown, old Chryslers, any old car, you favorite balloon, the neighbors cat, or wherever the muse takes you.  Of course the usual CC rules apply: nothing snarky, nothing insulting, nothing too off color, etc.  Lets stick to a 500 word limit.  I am sure that Paul will be happy to offer large cash prizes, luxurious trips, and other wonderful rewards for the best submissions!  Or, he may choose to limit the prizes to hearty accolades.

Here is the first line for your fiction:  I knew that buying the old Chrysler was a terrible idea, but I just couldn’t resist.

I hope you are inspired

Have fun.  I can’t wait to read what you come up with.