CC Outtake: Olds Cutlass Ciera S Classic Edition – Classy

As you undoubtedly know,  I’m a connoisseur of GM A-Body special editions. I’ve been fortunate to find several of them, including the Ciera Rubies and Gold Edition, and the Century Brougham de Baroque Turquoise and Gold Edition. That was perhaps my greatest find ever, but it’s my life’s great hope to find them all. And a few months back, I was thrilled to add another one, this Ciera S Classic Edition, which means my bucket list is actually getting shorter, one special edition at a time.

As you can readily see, this is no ordinary, hum-drum Ciera. This is only something for those rare folks with exceptionally refined taste in the classics, which means you’re looking at a rare and exceptional car. A classic, in other words.


It has many classic touches, like the gold-leafed badging.


The wheel covers were especially designed to convey the classic look of a classic Bugatti cast-alloy wheel.


And the top is an authentic replica of one from a classic Packard V18 Sedanca de la Sade.


The classic solid pearl door handles features classic gold leaf on its perimeter.


The rear window has a classic treatment, to create a an atmosphere of classic privacy for the rear passengers. Which of course might well be the owner, as these were not uncommonly chauffeur-driven.


The interior is decidedly understated, in the classic tradition. Truly classy persons are not interested in trying to impress others with the accoutrements of faux-luxury. There’s a big difference between genuine classic and mere luxurious. Hopefully I don’t have to remind you which this is.

The driver/chauffeur compartment offers all the classic necessities, and no more. That includes an ample classic ash tray. Good luck finding one of these in your typical modern luxury car. And truly classy people don’t give a rats ass about what others think about smoking. Or anything else. They are in a class to themselves.


Thus ends today’s Curbside Classic Classic Edition.