Cohort Find: 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon – Looking Better With Age?

Photos from the Cohort by Hyperpack. 

This 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Saloon “Aeroback” appeared not long ago at the Cohort. Long-time CC readers know that we’ve already covered on more than a few occasions these controversial downsized Olds models from the late ’70s (as well as its Buick sibling), so this is just a revisit.

Indeed, the model’s first entry in our pages comes from our Chier Editor, way back in CC’s early history. At that time, not many comments seemed to show much love for them. However, a more recent publication found mellower stances. A design getting better with age?

As for myself, I have yet to warm to it. Not even scarcity has found a soft spot for them in my heart. I only remember how odd they looked to my eye when an acquaintance with a 77-’78 Buick Century Aeroback arrived to visit my family in 1987. Is not like I found its design altogether wretched; at least its lines were modern and clean. But it just didn’t look that good either. Something I feel to this day.

So, how about you? Have your eyes learned to accept them for what they are? Even love them?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad this one survives, especially in this condition. These just didn’t sell that well, and that makes any survivor a worthy and deserving find. But, for once, though I’m a car guy, of these two I’ll choose the 1979 Ford F250 pickup.


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