Curbside Outtake: Mystery Car Identified

Earlier this month, Poindexter posted his reminiscences of riding around his hometown on a bike, taking pictures of old cars. I had done a bit of that, and his post reminded me that I still had a photo of a VW Beetle wagon, taken when I was a kid on a bike with a camera (1971 or so). I was confident that this was a coachbuilt vehicle, not a homemade one-off, but it bore no nameplates and even decades later, with the benefit of Internet search, I had never been able to identify the maker. By the way, that’s my bike in the background, with the camera case balanced on the rack.

In fact, I had planned to post the picture and see if the CC crowd could identify the coachbuilder for me … but Mr. Editor Paul found my draft confusing, and as a result of an email exchange between Paul and me, and associated Googling, we found conclusive evidence that it was a product of the Swiss coachbuilder Beutler.

In this image, the wagon is shown above, and a delivery van with roll-up side doors is shown below.

Here’s a photo I found on the Internet, of a Beutler pickup conversion. And, in the course of my research, I learned that Beutler was the coachbuilder for the prototype of the Bristol 406. Mystery solved, I got distracted by a family visit, and then the holiday. But when I saw Roger Carr’s post about the Bristol 406 here, I figured I should share my 47 year old Curbside Outtake, just to complete the CC loop.