Curbside Outtakes: Ford Cortina Mark I- Practicing My Rolling Photography Technique

Ford Cortina at speed 1

Last Friday, as I drove north on the 605 towards the 91 (that’s California speak for Interstate 605 and California State Highway 91), I rolled past this Ford Cortina Mark I cruising in the right lane.  Despite the large number plate on the driver’s door and other race car styling elements, the driver puttered along at ten miles an hour below the posted limit.

It was a nice looking car, and certainly Curbside Classic material when parked, you know, curbside.  Of course, tooling down a California highway is a completely different setting. Fortunately, I spotted it with enough time to grab the camera out of the glove box and pop off a couple of shots. Given the nature of the shot (handheld camera aimed through the windshield), I think it’s a pretty good picture even with the washed out colors.

Ford Cortina at speed 5

Since my initial shot looked pretty good, I thought I’d try a couple more shots. My first attempt was taken over shoulder and out the back window. Given that the view finder was pointing away from me during this shot, this picture framed up perfectly. We can’t tell much about the Cortina, but those full sized pickups sure are big!

Ford Cortina at speed 3

I had to dawdle for a couple miles in the slow lane, but the Cortina finally caught up and passed me on the left (those who drive European cars are sticklers for lane protocol). I must have adjusted the camera exposure and speed settings while dawdling, because I see a big improvement in the colors and image definition.

Ford Cortina at speed 2

In this final picture, I’m headed off to the eastbound 91 while the Cortina remained northbound on the 605.

It appears the door number includes a replica Monte Carlo Rally plaque. These Mark I Cortinas (built from 1962-66) ran in the Rally, but never took the overall win. If I ever run across a stationary one, I’ll do some research and explore the topic further, but for now we’ll bid this Cortina farewell.