CC Outtake – The Elusive Palos Verdes Land Rover

Land Rover

Something about Land Rovers brings to mind Marlin Perkins on “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.” In the back of my head, I can picture Marlin venturing out into the African Veldt in search of this week’s “elusive prey.” Well, here in Palos Verdes, Land Rovers are pretty elusive prey, so I’d though I’d share this so-so shot taken through my windshield.

Land Rover and Catalina

I’ll also share this shot, not because it gives us a better look at the Land Rover, but because it includes some spectacular Pacific scenery. Catalina Island is also an elusive creature, often hiding in the Marine Layer (Easterners just call it a fog bank), so this shot delivers two rare targets in one frame.