Curtis Perry Visits Goldfield, Nevada


Curtis Perry has uploaded a raft of pictures taken a few years back on a trip to Goldfield, Nevada. Goldfield was of course named after a certain mineral found there, starting in 1903. Its population peaked at 20,000 in 1906. By 1910, it was down to 4838. It’s still dropping, having declined from 440 in 2000 to 268 in 2010. But the automotive residents haven’t all left yet, although it looks like the front clip of this ’60 Chevrolet is heading out, leaving the rest behind.


1968 Chrysler


1963 Olds 98


1963 Ford Galaxie 500


1947 Chrysler


1940 Studebaker Commander


1954 Olds


1965 Valiant and 1964 Rambler


1963 Rambler


Ford Model T




1960 Chevrolet