DougD: Cars of a Lifetime (COAL) Series and Family Stories

Here’s all my COAL stories, some were my Dad’s or even my Grandfathers’ vehicle:

COAL Series 

1962 – Triumph TR4

1963 – Huron Wooden Canoe

1965 – Oldsmobile Starfire

1972 – AMC Matador

1980 – AMC Concord

1981 – Chevrolet Impala

1985 – Honda 450 Nighthawk

1985 – Mazda RX7

1988 – Ford Ranger

1989 – Mercury Topaz

1996 – Ford Windstar

2001 – Ford Focus

And here’s some family stories, they aren’t really CC articles or COAL stories, but Paul lets me publish them anyway:

Family Stories

A Winery Day Trip in our 1963 VW Beetle

How I Followed my Neighbor Cliff Around as a Child

How I Followed my Uncle Peter around as a Child

Business Trip to Mexico with Cars and Machine Tools

Car Books and Magazines I had Growing Up

The Old Studebaker Plant in my Hometown of Hamilton, Ontario

Epic (And Epically Bad) Motorcycle Trip Across Canada – 1997