Best of the Cohort: A Gallery of Outstanding Finds Posted in the Past Few Days

I’ve decided to kick of this Monday morning with something a bit different: a sampler of some of the best shots posted at the Cohort in the past few days. Frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed at how many fantastic finds and shots get posted there and never make it to the front page of CC, so maybe I’ll start doing this every once a week. These are all just too good to let slip by, but then I could say the same about hundreds of others there too. Do check out the Cohort for yourself. I’m also going to add links to CCs of the same or most similar car we’ve done on each of them.

First up is a shot with great composition, never mind the content. It’s a ’67 Riviera in a somewhat unusual pose, shot by Pikesta, in South Africa.  My ’66 Riviera CC here

Here’s something a bit less refined, a classic Toyota land Cruiser FJ shot by nifticus.  ’65 FJ CC and Land Cruiser history here.


Another Toyota, but quite different. This is a pop-up camper by Sunrader, and one I’ve never seen nor knew that it existed. It’s clearly been inspired by the Toyota Chinook pop-up camper.  Posted by cjcz92


Here’s something a bit out of the ordinary, a Bugatti 57C, posted by Joshua Schwartz. I’m not good enough on the subject to tell you exactly which body maker/style this is, and we’ve yet to do much on the subject, but I’m sure Tatra87 or someone else will enlighten us a bit.


A Citroen Mehari caught taking a nap in the shade by Benoit.  A CC celebration of its 45th birthday is here.


Eric Clem found this ’56 De Soto wagon also resting, under the shade of tree this time. ’56 De Soto CC here. And yes, it’s got a hemi.


There’s a whole set of great shots of this ’65 Buick Skylark GS, also shot by Eric Clem. This angle is my favorite. I did a CC on a ’66 GS here.


One more by Eric Clem, this being a ’62 Austin Healey Sprite with a custom front end. It was labeled “Austin Healey Sebring” but it does not look to be a genuine one, as the real thing was an alloy-bodied coupe built for racing. Very few were made, and they are highly prized. But this is an interesting find, although I hope it’s not being sold as the genuine article.  My CC on the very similar MG Midget is here.


I really like this slightly sinister-looking ’66 Galaxie 500, another posting by Eric Clem. CC here.


The VW Golf Mk I was made in South Africa as the VW Citi right up until 2009. Pikesta caught one gazing at the ocean.  My CC on the original Golf/Rabbit here.


Mike Hayes posted this modified Toyota Celica Mk 1, sitting next to its spiritual descendant, a Scion TC. I wrote up a ’74 here.


Benoit posted this Jeep Grand Wagoneer, shot in France.  Wouldn’t want to pay for a fill-up there.   JPCavanaugh did a CC on one here.


Alberto Simon posted this Brazilian Simca Chambord, apparently a former police car. How appropriate, given its Ford flathead V8. Rubens gave us the full Chambord history here.


And we end on a high note with this great ’62 Chevy C20 pickup, which has been working on its patina for some time. Posted by nifticus. I’m embarrassed to say we haven’t done a proper CC on this generation Chevy pickup, but I did a CC on a similar ’63 GMC, but with a V6.

No wonder I almost never go to car shows anymore.