Father’s Day Parademobile

01 Dads

Parade cruising in Westport, CT

I too have been inspired by JPC’s father’s day tribute, and then seeing that PN had posted his father-in-law’s cars, I decided to add to the festivities.

After my mother died in 1994 I guess my father lacked the stern midwestern discipline that had guided our family. So he did what any rational man would do, he bought a restored 1955 Buick Special convertible. Ivory with a red/black interior, Dayton chrome wire wheels, big chrome tits, and the legendary nailhead V8. Being a Special it was the smaller of the two engines Buick offered that year, but more than enough grunt for my father’s purpose-he just wanted a parade car so his massive ego could be displayed accordingly.

I was appalled the first time I drove the car-the front end seemed to have a mind of its own, not a desirable characteristic on the winding back roads of Connecticut. So I did what I had done to the ‘50s and ‘60s cars that I had owned-jacked the tire pressures up as high as I could get them, which at the particular gas station that I went to was about 36 psi. I had wanted 40 but 36 was in the ballpark. What a difference! You wouldn’t confuse the Buicks road manners with even the least expensive cars available today, but it made gripping that huge 17” steering wheel a less death defying action.

02 Dad small

Gramps at the wheel with my family along for the ride.

My father had a couple of years enjoyment of the Special, and then sold it back to the dealer he had bought it from, for a profit! Not much, but many people loose their asses on transactions of this nature. It wasn’t much fun to drive but what a looker!

Dad died a little over 13 years ago after having a bowl of ice cream while taking in a Red Sox game at my sister’s house. We didn’t have a wake, just one hell of a party after the funeral.