The Cars of Our Fathers: Dad’s Q Ship

Continuing our theme for the day, my Dad served as a submariner during the Korean war on the SSR312 Burrfish, keeping the two Fairbanks-Morse diesels in the forward engine room in shipshape condition. He qualified in subs on the SS477 Congor while at Pearl Harbor (if my memory is right), and this photo shows him at around age 18 with the 1928 Plymouth “Q” he bought in Oahu. The car cost $725 new, but was pushing 20 years old at this point. The story as Dad relates it is that he bought it off another sailor when the car died in the middle of an intersection in town. Dad offered $25 on the spot, and said it was a very simple fix to get it running again.

I grew up watching my Dad always repairing things whenever possible instead of buying a replacement, and it’s quite likely some of that frugality rubbed off along the way, given my propensity to keep cars running for a long time. It’s a trait I’ve tried to instill in my sons as well. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!