CC Outtake: Design Lexicon, Courtesy Of Ford

1968 Ford Terminology

I’m in the middle of doing a big cleanup in my garage and keep tripping over boxes marked “car mags.”  I’ve been wasting time researching the magazines and rediscovering some fun stuff.

One of the more interesting things I’ve found is this drawing of a Ford design concept in the December 1966 issue of Car Life.  It very clearly lists common terms used in car design, with a succinct definition of each.

Only one callout is not defined: the D.L.O., which stands for “Day Light Opening.”  In coach building lingo, a window is often known as a “light.”  The word usage, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, dates back to 15th century architectural drawings in which individual window panes in a door were identified as “lights.”  On the flip side, you might call an area in the car body generally occupied by a window that can’t be seen through a “Dead Light.”