Cohort Sighting: The Cubabaker


This does it; I’m going to Cuba. I’ve been talking about it for decades, but I need to get there before the party ends. Look at this! This is a genuine rolling Salavadore Dali-mobile; a mid-fifties Studebaker updated in someone’s driveway or open-air garage. Yes, its taste is a bit iffy, but then so was the Studebaker sedan’s back then. And in many ways, it works surprisingly well, like the way those headlights are faired into the fender tops. And there’s an electric blue Opel Rekord wagon sitting there. Look at them all; it’s like a dream. What has Fidel been putting in their water? Enough procrastinating; must go….

ptfour posted this along with the “updated” Rambler and a few other shots at the Cohort.