Cohort Sighting: Australian Dodge Truck With An International Cab And A Chrysler Engine Cast By International

Dodge AUS truck

Now this shot posted by johnh875 threw me at first glance. A Dodge truck, with what is undoubtedly an International cab, and some unique front end sheetmetal. In that down-under alternate reality, why not? Chrysler Australia needed an updated truck cab for the sixties, International Australia was too small to have a body building facility, so the two teamed up.

Chrysler’s T.J.Richards body division would build the cabs for both companies, with some unique front end sheet metal. This went on until 1979, when the Japanese invasion of superior trucks killed further local production. And here’s another odd twist: Chrysler six and V8 engines used in these trucks had their blocks cast in International’s large Geelong foundry. Those blocks actually carry IH logos. That’s what you need in your Barracuda to impress the Saturday Car Show faithful: not a hemi, but a 318 with an IH logo!