From The CC Design Studio: We Build A Better Range Rover Series 1 – A Few Extra Inches Of Wheelbase Goes A Long Way

I don’t like belaboring a point, but a week or so back, I did a Cohort post on a Series 1 Range Rover and expressed my opinion that its wheelbase was about 5″ too short, resulting in less than ideal proportions and too much rear overhang. What I should have done is this: Have my trusty Photoshopper Chris Cieslak add them, instead of just talk about it.

A number of commenters thought the RR’s original proportions were fine; perfect even. Maybe it’s just me, but it still looks like one of those 1964 factory altered funny cars with the rear wheels moved up a half foot for better traction at the drag strip, like this:

OK, that’s a bit extreme, but you get the point. Or maybe not.

My frame of comparison with the almost identical-sized (and styled, obviously) Isuzu Trooper II, which is 172.4″ long compared to the 175″ of the RR, but has a 104.3″ wheelbase compared to the RR’s 100 inches. The improvement in its proportions goes a long way, for just an extra 4.3″ of wheelbase, but then it appears that the RR has more in front of the cowl than the Trooper II.

So some of you still think the original was “perfect” in this key respect?