Hard Drive Swap In Progress: In Case We Go Down For A While

engine swap 4

Thanks to all the heavy traffic, you all have worn out the hard drives in our server in just two years. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ll accept that as a good thing, mostly. The first one croaked a couple of weeks ago, and we went down for the better part of a day. Our hosting facility swapped in a new drive, but the second one is also giving out, so we’re basically running on one, which causes slow-downs and time-outs. 

But we’re getting the second one installed today hopefully, and our software pro will have to make some changes as a consequence. That means we might be down for some (hopefully) short period of time. By the way, this is over my head technically, so it’s in the hands of the pros. I’m heading out for a nice Thanksgiving Day hike; it’s a spectacularly sunny day here. And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.