In Motion Classics: Ozmoparloiteration


Managed to catch a selection of Chrysler products loitering around Melbourne’s streets. They’re not uncommon here, but much more visible in their hometown of Adelaide. Let’s start with a 1966-67 VC Wayfarer. US-derived ’66 front clip is cleaner with our (less distinctive) grille ahead of an AP5/6 rear. I’m not sure if that’s a factory colour but it works. My favourite of our 60s Val utes.


1970/71 VG Safari coming home after a day at work.


VG Hardtop with homebake ragtop. I remember a rage for sawzall action on these back in the 1980s; a place down the road had a few of them as funmobile rentals as well as Beetles similarly emasculated. Shame, because the Dart fastback roofline combined with our VG front clip made this a great-looking coupe.


Rare on the streets is a CH Chrysler by Chrysler, as opposed to a Valiant by Chrysler. These got the loop bumper and a longer wheelbase than the VH Valiant with the same body. Super-rare is the two-door hardtop, which rivals the Fuselage coupes for deck/hood to cabin ratio. I see this one semi-regularly and it’s in nice curbside condition.


1975-78 KB or KC Centura. Probably rarer on the streets than the CH, these Cortina rivals derived from the euro Chrysler 180. Ours came with a two-litre four, or the 215 or 245 /6 versions of our ‘hemi’.


Rarer again would be this 1959 Imperial. It just glided on by one quiet Sunday morning.


Didn’t get the whole ute in our final shot; was too distracted by that smile.

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