In Motion Capsule: Two 308 Targas

The 308 GTS outsold the GTB by a wide margin. I prefer the berlinetta but seeing this in action was plenty satisfying. Plus seeing it in grey helped overcome the dark patch problem of the open air model.

The dark patch on the roof.

I’ve got no problem with a red Ferrari; it’s when I see one in a chrome wrap that I begin to act churlish. But a bright colour only emphasises the black gap above the door.

Grilling the greenhouse does just as much to ruin the balance, but not as badly as the preceding 246 GTS did against its roofed variant.

This red one we’ve seen before; it’s an early example and carries the small chin spoiler.

Our hero car features a larger chin spoiler introduced around the same time as fuel injection.

Then there’s the 328, which looked like it swallowed a Mondial.

The Ferraris of Como Park

Pininfarina in Red